Retaining Wall / Pathway & Perimeter Fence

Since the classroom rebuild and the construction of the girls dormitory some additional work needed to be carried out in and around the school.

  • A new school perimeter fence.
    • This ensures the safety of the children running outside of the boundaries
    • Stops trespassers from walking through
    • Stops accidents as we had previously when a motorbike rode through and knocked over a child
    •  It is a Ugandan government requirement to have a fence in order to obtain a licence to allow examinations to take place. previously we have had to pay for each student to sit their exams at another licensed school. This will save the school money in the future.
  • Retaining walls for safety and prevention of mud slides
    • When it rains, the mud slides often cause treacherous and often dangerous conditions for the children. These walls will help to prevent this and also protect the new buildings nearby from sustaining any damage resulting from mud slides.
  • Shower block behind the dormitory
    • A new shower block has been constructed behind the new dormitory for the girls to facilitate their needs.
  • Level walkways around the dormitory leading to the shower rooms.
    • In order the gain access to the shower block, a new pathway was constructed for the girls to safely walk to and from the block. This is especially important at night with limited or no light at all.
  • Perimeter wall to protect the safety of the girls and privacy at the new shower block.
    • as the shower block sit on the border of the school land, it was vital to make sure the shower block didn’t have just a wire fence. A proper wall needed to be constructed.